Members using the facilities provided by the Club do so entirely at their own risk and must be in possession of an Environment Agency Fishing Licence.

Members who invite Guests to fish the Club’s water must ensure that their Guest is in possession of a Non-voting Membership Card together with a dated Day Ticket and an Environment Agency Fishing Licence.


Fishing is allowed from dawn to one hour after sunset.


• Club members must comply with the Club’s fishing regulations posted on the notice boards at the reservoir
• Fly fishing ONLY no other method permitted.
• Fishing from boats prohibited
• Fish less the 28cms (11”) must not be taken.
• All Brown Trout to be returned carefully.
• One fish only per day is allowed to be taken (2 fish from 1 October).
• The use of keepnets is forbidden.
• Fishing from the Dam Wall is prohibited.
• Fishing from the Spillway is prohibited.
• Barbless hooks, or effectively de-barbed hooks must be used and hooks over size 8 longshank are prohibited.
• All fish taken must be killed humanely with a suitable priest.
• Wading with the use of a wading stick is permitted.
• Club members are reminded not to discard fishing line or leaders and to keep the banks of the reservoir tidy.


Members must not:-
• Cause or permit any nuisance to, or interference with, the exercise of rights or facilities granted by YWA to other persons.
• Obstruct any road track
• Damage any land or wall or other property or interfere with any apparatus.
• Light any fire on YWA land or do anything to cause a fire.
• Trespass on other land of YWA
• Carry out any act which may injure or cause distress to farm stock.
• Leave gates unlocked or open where they are required to be closed or locked.
• Hunt or injure any animal or bird (except fish).
• Use any musical or noisy instrument or loudspeaker on the reservoir or its surroundings.